Leon’s Triathlon provides participants with an incredibly scenic, flat and fast event experience. Please review the full course information and reference the downloadable map below. All weekend events are paratriathlete friendly and welcoming to individuals of all ages, abilities and goals. 

Transition Area

The Transition area is located in the heart of Wolf Lake Park, adjacent to the gorgeous Wolf Lake Pavilion inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Each participant has a specifically-designated area to store their gear and bike during the event. Transition is secured by event staff and volunteers before, during and after the event. Only registered individual are able to access this area.

Swim Course

The swim portion is held in Wolf Lake, beginning with an in-water start from the dock immediately behind the pavilion. Participants will have a few minutes to tread water before beginning on the air horn. Buoys will be placed approximately every 100 meters throughout the course. International distance swimmers begin first. They swim a 1,500 meter rectangular course, heading southwest from the start dock and finishing at the boat launch near the Transition Area. Sprint distance swimmers will swim an abbreviated (500 meter) version of the same course. Water safety personnel will be stationed along the entire course, providing encouragement and assistance for all.

Bike Course

Leon’s Triathlon features a traffic-free Bike Course, traversing the expansive roadways immediately south and east of Wolf Lake Park. All cyclists must obey the traditional ride-right, pass-left, rules along the entire Bike Course. Single-file riding is required unless making a pass (drafting is not allowed, please consult the USAT rules for details).

All athletes exit Transition, head south on Calumet and then turn right (west) onto Sheffield Avenue and proceed south to Gostlin Street. Once there, cyclists do a u-turn and proceed north back to Sheffield Avenue. Cyclists then turn right and proceed south on Calumet Avenue to approximately 137th Street where they u-turn and proceed north to 129th Street. Cyclists turn right (east) on 129th Street for approximately 1/2 mile before taking a u-turn to proceed west until Calumet Avenue. Cyclists turn right (north) on Calumet before taking their final u-turn at 115th Street and proceeding back to Transition.

Sprint distance athletes will return to Transition after completing one 11.6 mile loop. International distance athletes will repeat the same loop once more (2 loops total, or 23.2 miles) before returning to the Transition area. While the course is closed to traffic, athletes should be aware of course support vehicles and emergency personnel.

Run Course

Sunday’s Run Course utilizes an out-and-back design along the Wolf Lake Park pedestrian trail. All athletes exit the southwest corner of Transition, run in front of the Pavilion and pass the Swim Exit area where they follow the trail south. Both Sprint and Olympic distance athletes follow the trail around the southern portion of Wolf Lake and cross the Wolf Lake boardwalk section near the Illiana Yacht Club.

Sprint distance athletes will turnaround behind the Yacht Club, while Olympic distance athletes will continue north along the path until they turnaround on 112th Street. Both Sprint and Olympic distance athletes will return along the same outbound course.

Both Sprint and Olympic distance athletes will veer right as they approach the race venue, following the path detour near the Swim Exit area and into the Finish Line located within the Wolf Lake Park entry gates.

Aid Stations, providing both water and Gatorade Endurance, will be positioned approximately every mile. The paved course is extremely flat and entirely wheelchair friendly.

2024 Course Map