Flag Program

Veterans’ Flag Program

The American Flag perfectly symbolizes the patriotic theme of our Veterans’ events. Larry (“The Flag Man”) Eckhardt was a dear friend and an amazing man. The flags he gathered line the roads for our fallen soldiers who returned as well as our race event. We thank those carrying on his tradition.

We are starting a program to add many more flags to those that now line our event. We seek those flags that mean the most. Flags that were given to veterans that died having served our country. Many families have such flags tucked away in drawers or chests. They are too precious to dispose of but most no longer fly. If you have one and would like it to fly proudly at our race each year for other veterans at the event and on national television, please send it to us along with the name of the veteran who died and the name of the donor. Glenn and Leon will see that a permanent tag is affixed with that information, the flag is mounted to a pole and is appropriately honored and stored.

Get Involved

Veteran’s motorcycle groups can make arrangement with Glenn to either attend flag-day before the race, adopt a segment of course, take an honor lap through hundreds of waving flags, or help put up or take down flags for the event. They can choose one, some, or all. If you are a Vet, this is your event. We just facilitate and coordinate it for you. We may also make flags available for special veteran’s events if requested.

If you have a flag and would like it to fly for our veterans, please contact either: