2024 Event Pricing
All weekend event options are based upon the following tiered pricing schedule. All prices subject to change, relative to final capacities and agency requirements.

2024 Leon’s Triathlon- Sunday, June 2

Sprint Relay$285 
Olympic Relay$320
Sprint Individual$160
Olympic Individual$185

2024 Obstacle Course - Sunday, Sept. 8

K9 ORC - Sat 9/7/24$59$69$79

Refunds and Transfer Policy
Unfortunately, there is a strict NO REFUND policy in place after the initial registration is completed, and registrations cannot be transferred to any other individuals. If someone else races under your name and is injured or causes an accident, that person will not be covered by the included athlete protection insurance. Additionally, if the athlete racing in your name causes injury or damage, you may be liable in part for those damages. Thank you for understanding.

Covid-19 Pandemic Clause

In the event the 2021 event (scheduled for June 6, 2021) is postponed or cancelled due to continued Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, registrants will have 2 options:

  1. Receive a 40% refund of your entry fee
  2. Be automatically deferred to the next scheduled event at no additional cost