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1983 – 2023

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We are so excited to be celebrating our 40-year anniversary! Leon’s Triathlon all started in 1983. We will have Leon’s Heroes Triathlon on Sunday, June 4, 2023. This event is known as America’s Race. The excellence of this event can not be overstated. Register now for the race the entire country is talking about, only limited spots available. Registration fee includes American made, union printed, military grade event apparel.

Join us for an opening ceremony that you won’t ever forget. The opening ceremony begins at 7:30 am and the event itself starts at 8:00 am. The opening ceremony consists of an 80 x 40 flag, Huey helicopters fly-over and a special presentation with police and bagpipes.

Please be aware that because of the magnitude of this event, the roads surrounding the event start closing down between 7:00 and 7:30 am. We advise you to arrive early to make sure you get there in time.

Canine Triathlon Event

Come and be a part of history! We are honoring our true heroes service dogs at our June Triathlon. The event will take place on Saturday morning at 8:00 AM of race weekend–June 3. The event entails a 500 m swim, 4 mile bike, 1.7-mile run, all with a dog, along a paved bike path circling Wolf Lake, Hammond, IN. The field is limited, so register today.

A Salute to Indiana Gold Star Families

America’s Race: Leon’s Triathlon would like to invite you to a special event on June 4, 2023 beginning at 7:15am at Wolf Lake. Join us as we recognize Gold Star families from Indiana.

We would like to incorporate Bike/Run with a soldier as part of this year’s event. This will be done by passing out neck placards at the transition from Swim to Bike and collecting them near the finish line. This will be done in conjunction with Indiana Fallen Heroes. Click the link below to hear the special announcement.

Veteran Skydiver & Flag

We are humbled to share with you that veteran Troy Church will be making a special appearance by skydiving into the event with the American flag. Please note that this is pending approval of the weather. We are blessed to have Troy as a personal friend. Troy Church is 57 years of age, and did his first skydive in 1999. Since that time he has completed more than 8,650 dives and is the founder of Skydive Windy City. This jump will be filmed for the national broadcast.

Heroes Walk Among Us

Leo’s Mobile Bicycle Service will be available, Sunday, June 4th at 5:30 AM for last minute emergency needs prior to the event.

America’s Race

Established in 1983, this old school Chicago area triathlon is conveniently located less than 30 minutes from downtown Chicago via the Chicago Skyway. The Chicago Skyline provides a picturesque background for the Start and Finish lines, thus providing a great experience for Chicago land triathlon enthusiasts.


Leon has been using his events to celebrate and honor the U.S. Military, Veterans, and 1st Responders for 40 Years, which earned this race series the name “America’s Race” from NBC Sports Chicago. This race series is regarded as one of the most Patriotic triathlons events in America, with a prime-time National Broadcast viewed coast to coast on NBC Sports Chicago.

75th Anniversary of D-Day: America’s Legacy

The United States Army and The United States Navy

We are profoundly humbled and blessed to have the backing of both the United States Army and the United States Navy. Both of these arms of our military were founded in the year of 1775. The United States Army was established on June 14, 1775, and the United States Navy was established on October 13, 1775. We commemorate their 248 years of service to our great nation.


Honor America’s Heroes
At America’s Race – A Family-Friendly Event

Come join us to help honor and celebrate those who have served and are currently serving. We love to have families participate and watch our events. But, please note that parents and guardians are responsible for their own children and their safety.
For the September event, there is local camping in the area. We highly suggest that if you are interested in camping, that you make reservations as early as possible. There is a high demand for camping spaces and they fill up quickly and early!
America's Race Chicago
America's Race Chicago
America's Race Chicago
America's Race Chicago
America's Race Chicago

Industrial Athlete Championship

As we seek to honor our American Industrial Athletes, Leon’s has joined forces with Helmets to Hardhats and IKOCC (Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters) to create a special, one-of-a-kind event. We are humbled and honored to also team up with all the North American building trades. The Industrial Athlete Championship will be a component of America’s Race.

National Documentary Broadcast

We are so humbled and excited to announce the premier broadcast of “Leon’s Heroes Obstacle Course Race.” This 30 minute, national documentary about America’s Race will give you a glimpse into the work we do to honor our military, veterans, and first responders.

Introducing Leon’s Heroes

Leon’s Heroes is an organization that is a new branch of Leon’s Triathlon. Leon’s Heroes aims to promote patriotism and honor the U.S. Military, Veterans, First Responders and Law Enforcement.

Leon’s Heroes are the men and women who put their lives on the line to defend our nation and constitution. We aim to create a feel of patriotism anywhere we go.

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The first Leon’s Triathlons were held in Leon’s hometown of Hobart IN, at the Isaac Walton, just off of I-65. The Wolek family attended many triathlons with Leon as a participant. While attending the events, they promoted Leon’s Triathlon. Leon’s Triathlon grew year after year until it outgrew the Isaac Walton. Fortunately, they were invited by Mayor Tom McDermott Sr. to host Leon’s Triathlon in Hammond at Wolf Lake to accommodate the continued growth. The family worked very closely with the Cities, Counties and State to set the standard in the sport.


Leon and his family noticed that all of the major events focused on the pros and not the amateurs. They thought the amateurs needed to be showcased, so they pioneered the First National Amateur Championship, which to this day continues in the sport. They also hosted one of the First Military Championships in the sport. Both were televised on ESPN worldwide and had Military flyovers after the singing of the National Anthem. Because of its completely closed course, the closing of a six lane freeway, and all three events starting and finishing at the same staging area, Leon’s Triathlon came to be known as the fastest triathlon in the world.


Because of economic development and political changes, there were some challenges that resulted in the racecourse logistics. The Wolek family felt it was time to retire the Leon’s Triathlon’s.


Throughout the next 15 years people wrote, called and emailed asking when Leon’s Triathlon would be back.


Leon finally decided to request a meeting with the current Mayor of Hammond, Tom McDermott Jr. Because of the support from his father, Mayor McDermott Sr., his son grew up knowing all about Leon’s Triathlon, known as America’s Race. Like his father he gave his support and after a 15-year hiatus, Leon’s is back.


In 2021 Leon added an obstacle course race to honor the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on our country. With the addition of the obstacle course race, we have rebranded the triathlon to include the sister obstacle course race, and we are moving forward as Leon’s Heroes.


While growing up Leon didn’t have Superman or Batman as a hero, it was his father and military buddies at the American Legion Post 454 in New Chicago, IN who inspired him. Leon’s Heroes are the men and women who put their lives on the line to defend our nation and constitution. We aim to create a feel of patriotism anywhere we go.


While working on promoting the first annual obstacle course race, Leon befriended Vern at Chesterton Brewery, Veteran’s Brewing for Veteran’s, and Leon’s Heroes American IPA was born.

Hammer Nutrition Partnership

Leon’s is grateful for our partnership with Hammer Nutrition. This partnership goes back many, many years. Hammer Nutrition is an endurance sports nutrition company founded in 1987 by Brian Frank.


Hammer Nutrition provides unparalleled products, knowledge, and service to health conscious athletes all over the world. Over the years, the product line has grown from fuels & supplements to now include clothing, body care products, EMS units, accessories, and more.

America's Race Chicago

Chesterton Brewery Partnership

We are so excited to announce our new collaboration with Chesterton Brewery. They have created a new American IPA that was released on Friday, September 10, 2021 in honor of our heroes.

America's Race Chicago
America's Race Chicago

United Steelworkers Partnership

We would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to our friends at United Steelworkers Local 6787. We are grateful for your support in our work.

Honor Flight Chicago Partnership

We are pleased to recognize our partnership with Honor Flight Chicago. Honor Flight Chicago (HFC) was founded in 2008 to recognize America’s senior war veterans by flying them to Washington, D.C. to tour the memorials built in their honor. The one-day, all-expense paid trip is filled with appreciation, tributes, memories and gratitude.

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Leon’s Heroes Triathlon

Leon’s Triathlon and Dare2tri- a Partnership for Injured Veterans

Dare2tri is committed to providing resources and paratriathlon training services to injured service members and veterans with physical disabilities and visual impairments. Dare2tri’s goal is to empower injured service members and veterans through active participation in sport, recreation, competition, and the greater community.

Dare2tri is proud to partner with Leon’s Triathlon to offer an official Dare2tri Race2Raise Team. When you join Dare2tri Race2Raise you get to achieve your own health and wellness goals and support Dare2tri athletes, many of whom are injured military, in achieving their goals. Dare2tri transforms the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them get active through the sport of triathlon.


Set a goal, challenge yourself and while doing so, you make a difference in the lives of injured veterans so they too can set and reach goals.  Race alongside these amazing men and women and support one another on the journey to the finish line!

America's Race Chicago
America's Race Chicago

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