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We would like to recognize our friends at the USO and give them a special “Thank You” for their support of Leon’s Triathlon. The USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation.

Just prior to the onset of America’s involvement in World War II in 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt sought to unite several service associations into one organization to lift the morale of our military and nourish support on the home front. Those entities – the Salvation Army, Young Men’s Christian Association, Young Women’s Christian Association, National Catholic Community Services, National Travelers Aid Association, and the National Jewish Welfare Board – became the United Service Organizations or, the USO.

Today, the USO has continued to support our nation’s military and their families for over seven decades as they defend our country and its freedoms. By providing support to our servicemen and women as they perform their most challenging duties around the world, our credo is to be always by their side.

The reach of the USO’s more than 250 centers extends to countries on every continent, operated by thousands of staff and volunteers whose goals are to match our service members’ vigilance and provide best-in-class service to those who sacrifice so much for America.

To learn more visit their website at: https://indiana.uso.org/


ORIGINAL CAPTION: "See You in Berlin. Resolute faces of paratroopers just
before they took off for the initial assault ofD-Day. Paratrooper in foreground has just read Gen. Eisenhower's message of good luck and clasps his bazooka in determination. Note Eisenhower's D-Day order in hands of paratrooper in foreground." 1944
ORIGINAL CAPTION:  OLD GLORY MOVES TO NEW GLORY: Columns of Coast Guard LCI's, protected by barrage balloons against low flying Nazi strafers, advance upon the beaches of France in the wake of the Stars and Stripes. A Coast Guard combat photographer, going into the invasion on an LCI, caught this picture of the advance guard of the Liberation Fleet in the English Channel. 1944
General Dwight D. Eisenhower gives the order of the Day.  "Full victory-nothing else" to paratroopers in England, just before they board their airplanes to participate in the first assault in the invasion of the continent of Europe.  
National Archives (NARA) Photo  RG 111-SC-194399 ARC: 531217  “Access/Use Unrestricted” 111-SC-194399
(Note: soldier's uniform insignia scratched out in original negative) The USO is a not-for-profit organization and not part of the Department of Defense. The use of DoD imagery does not constitute an endorsement by DoD.
"Two Ohio Coast Guardsmen [John R. Smith, on the left, and Daniel J. Kaczorowski] stand at their gun aboard a Coast Guard-manned invasion transport on which they served during the invasion of Normandy." June 6, 1944