Leon’s Mom’s Virtual Duathlon & Fun Run

Thank You, Athletes!

Final Event Details

A few updates as we wrap-up the virtual event: 

  • Results need to be uploaded on Sunday, June 7, 2020.
  • Full results will be available to view on Monday, June 8.
  • All names have been added to Leon’s Mom’s refrigerator.
  • Finisher Kits will be mailed the week of June 8.
  • Awards will be mailed in the coming week, too.
  • Registration for the 2021 Leon’s Triathlon (June 6) will open in the coming week. Stay tuned!
  • Should you have any questions, please email us.

Who’s Leon’s Mom? Why Go Virtual?

Julie Wolek was born into the Great Depression, lived through the perils of war, and has seen it all. Like our athletes, she’s stoic, adamant, and purposeful. She has attended every one of her son’s triathlons since inception and won’t dare let the 2020 event be replaced by an asterisk. Her voice motivates us to persevere, to mobilize, and to get creative.

In that spirit, please join us for Leon’s Mom’s Virtual Duathlon & Fun Run!  It’s simple, low tech and perfect for veteran competitors and aspiring athletes alike. Social distancing approved. No need for one of those fancy GPS doohickeys. Hell, you won’t even have to swim (or even bike) if you prefer. 

Best yet, it’s only $10 to join the festivites. Those who prefer more swag (race bibs, finisher medals, vintage t-shirts and more) can upgrade for an additional price. She’s putting out the tip jar, too, in support of our amazing friends at Dare2Tri. Let’s show them some love.

How It Works

This event is perfect for anyone seeking a bit of motivation or a dose of accountability (or both) from Leon’s Mom. Athletes enroll online and commit to one (or two, or three…) of five athletic challenges to achieve on their own schedule, from anywhere. Indoor or outdoors, it’s your call.

Participants must complete their required challenge and share their finish results with Leon’s Mom online before 11:59 p.m. CT on Sunday, June 7, 2020. At that point, submitted results will be locked and tabulated for awards. During the process, finisher names and times will be added to Leon’s Mom’s fridge and eventually posted in Active.com’s results database – which goes live Monday, June 8.

If you’re interested in securing some actual race swag, consider upgrading for an additional $30 fee. Beyond the gold star next to your name on the fridge, Leon’s Mom will mail you a Leon’s Mom’s Virtual Duathlon & Fun Run finisher kit, including a custom finisher medal, a vintage Leon’s Triathlon t-shirt and a few other tchotchkes to celebrate your accomplishment.

We’ll continue to add more elements and fun engagements with sponsors and friends over the next few weeks. If you’re ready to commit, let Leon’s Mom know that you’re in for the challenge! Registration is now open below. Please don’t forget to share this with your friends and neighbors, too. Registration closes EOD Friday, June 5.

The Nitty Gritty Details

This virtual event features five unique options, accessible to novice and competitive athletes alike. Registrants may compete multiple events if they prefer.

DUATHLON (2 events):

  • Sprint Duathlon: Run: 5K (3.1 miles) + Bike: 20K (12.4 miles) + Run: 2.5K (1.56 miles)
  • Olympic Duathlon: Run: 10K (6.2 miles) + Bike: 40K (24.8 miles) + Run: 5K (3.1 miles)


  • 5K (3.1 miles)
  • 10K (6.2 miles)
  • Half Marathon (13.1 miles)

What’s Included?
STANDARD registration is $10 per challenge and includes:

  • Participant newsletter emails
  • Social media inspiration direct from Leon and Leon’s Mom
  • Results shared on Leon’s Mom’s refrigerator (and posted online)
  • Awards issued to overall female and male winners in each event
  • Sponsor discounts & coupons

For an additional $30, participants may upgrade to secure a Finisher Kit through the mail, including:

  • Custom Leon’s Mom’s Virtual Duathlon & Fun Run Finisher Medal
  • Leon’s Mom’s Virtual Duathlon & Fun Run Fridge Magnet
  • Leon’s Triathlon Race Bib
  • Leon’s Triathlon Sticker
  • Vintage Race T-Shirt (sizes limited)
  • Electronic Finisher Certificate

Participants must complete their physical challenge prior to the June 8 deadline, when results must be uploaded to our results system (see below). The earlier you start, the more attempts you can create for your final submission, so get on it!

Participants competing in multiple events will be required to perform and submit separate finish times for each event. As an example, an athlete cannot use a single 5K run split for both the Sprint Duathlon and a stand-alone 5K run. They must run each separately and post accordingly.

Further, those competing a Duathlon will submit cumulative finish times for each of the three disciplines (Transition times are irrelevant). There’s no issue with breaking-up each of the three portions across multiple days (i.e. Run the 5k on day one, bike the 20k on day two, run the final 2.5k on day three), just keep track of your finish times for each discipline.

Submitting Finish Times
Participants will submit results by entering your finish time and uploading proof of completion, such as a screenshot of your tracking app or photo of your GPS watch that shows the time and distance completed. The honor system may be in full effect, but know that Leon’s Mom is always watching. 

Note: Participants will see two “Transition Times” listed on Active.com’s input form. Simply insert “0” (zero) for each since Transitions are irrelevant in this competition.

Participants will submit their finish times here ensuring they reference their individual registration number referenced in their confirmation email (so they get the appropriate credit). Two important notes:

  • Only one finish time can be submitted for each individual challenge, so make it count!
  • Participants can view the full list of results only after the event concludes (on June 8). This blind approach discourages possible cheaters.

Online Results
Click here to view the complete list of updated results once the event concludes.

Registration Fees
Online registration is now open and available until EOD Friday, June 5. Each challenge is only $10 for standard entry. Registrants will have an opportunity to secure a Finisher Kit for an additional $30. A tip jar has been opened for our friends at Dare2Tri. This event is typically home to their Injured Military Camp over the same weekend. Donations are highly encouraged!

What Now?
Get registered and watch for updates on our facebook page and this website! Should you have any questions, drop us a line here. We’ll do our best to take care of you. Thank you for your support!